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How do I arrange a viewing?

Browse our website to find the property that suits you. To arrange a viewing, you can contact us via our phone number (01183363370), email address ( or through the web contact form.

Do you offer virtual viewings?

Yes – within each property advert is a video walk-through of the property.

Holding Deposit

Why do I have to pay a holding fee?

The holding deposit is paid to secure your property. Once paid we will immediately cease all marketing and further viewings on that property. The holding deposit is then deducted from your total deposit.

Is the holding fee refundable?

The holding deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind, so make sure you are 100% happy with the property you have chosen.

What if I change my mind and want to drop out?

The holding deposit is non-refundable if a tenant decides to drop out.


What references do you require?

Upon agreeing to take a room or property and paying the holding fee, we generally require the following references:
– 3 months’ payslips/proof of income to show affordability (usually collective earnings must be three times the monthly rent)
– 3 months corresponding bank statements
– Previous landlord reference
– Identification checks
There may be further references required depending on your circumstances.


What is the deposit?

The deposit is an amount of money held as security by a landlord in respect of the tenants’ obligations to the agreement.

When do I pay the deposit?

The remaining deposit (minus the paid holding deposit) is to be paid upon the contract signing

What is deposit protection scheme?

A deposit protection scheme is a government approved scheme requiring landlords to protect all tenancy deposits received. Once you have paid your deposit in full, we will protect this through a tenancy deposit scheme. The company chosen will act as an intermediary between landlord and tenant to ensure that any potential deductions levied are not unfair. This provides tenants with added assurances. We use as our tenancy deposit company.


When do I pay the rent?

Your first month’s rent is due before you move-in. Subsequent monthly rental payments are due on or before the 1st of each month.

How do I pay rent?

The monthly rent is to be paid into our bank account. You will be provided with bank details during the application process.

Can I pay my rent in cash?

No. Rent is to be paid via bank transfer, standing order or direct debit.

Move-in and Inventory

What is an inventory?

An inventory is an archive of the condition of the property or room and items and furnishings within the property prior to move-in. Your deposit relies on this inventory. If the condition of the items detailed in this inventory significantly differ at check-out, your deposit will be charged accordingly. It is important to note that fair wear and tear is acceptable – as you will be living in our property for a period of time, the odd scratches are bound to happen and we will always try to take a view on these.

What happens on the day of move-in?

Prior to your move-in day, you will need to be agree a time to meet our Inventory Clerk at the property. The Inventory Clerk will complete a check-in report/inventory going through the property or room detailing the condition . The Inventory Clerk will also detail meter readings and provide general information.

What if I don’t agree with the inventory?

You will receive a copy of the inventory on the day you move in. You will have 7 days from receiving the inventory to contest any items detailed. From this point, the inventory is taken as final.

What if I do not receive a copy of the inventory?

Please contact us or the Inventory Clerk if you have not received your inventory.

During Your Tenancy

If something is damaged or requires fixing in the property, what should I do?

Please contact us on 01183363370 or email us at so that we can get this addressed. We have our own maintenance team and we will schedule a visit to the property to rectify any issues which may arise.

If I damage something, what should I do?

Let us know immediately so that we can try to rectify it, accidents happen and there may not necessarily be a charge. If it is left until the end of your tenancy, it may incur a charge to your deposit.

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